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Pete Hall Jones

 ‘Pete holds the key to unlocking leadership’

Through coaching, workshops and consultancy Pete Hall Jones provides psychological safety and the ‘art of possibility thinking’ to individuals, teams and organisations around the world.

A CEO client Pete has been working with recently wrote…

‘I don’t answer to, line manage or have any responsibilities for Pete. He is just there – just for me – right now, right for me – when I need time and space to think, plan and re-energise.

Pete isn’t after my job – he’s been there and done that. Pete is neither needy or competing with me or seeking my attention or affirmation.

If this makes Pete a coach then he’s my coach and the best I’ve ever had. He gets me and makes me better at my job and at living my best healthier life’

Pete helps individuals and teams to develop

  • the art of the possible in self and others
  • diverse thinking
  • positive mindset, individual and team efficacy and ambition
  • creative positive culture and relationship building
  • inclusive leadership
  • leadership learning across domains and sectors
  • curriculum design for effective learning
  • systems design for maximum efficiency and effectiveness
  • networks and client connections
  • confident communication and presenting skills

In addition to coaching – ‘whispering in the president’s ear’ – Pete designs and facilitates bespoke programmes and support to individuals, teams and organisations to develop effective ‘efficacious’ thinking, systems, culture and transformational performance.

Pete’s current roles include

CEO, Charity Board Chair, Academic Board Member, SME Founder, Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Facilitator and Inspirational Key Note Speaker

If you or your teams would like a bit of help to feel better, to work and live better please contact Pete


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